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Occurrence and status are visualized with the help of symbols representing different combinations of states of five parameters:

PARAMETER THE TWO ALTERNATIVES (and how they are shown):


"resident" = population surviving by seed at least 10 years, or strong vegetative spreading (=filled) "ephemeral" = not known to have been resident (=unfilled)


"old" = present before c. 1700 (=black) "new" = arrived later (=grey)
human interference "native" = arrived without man's interference
[not shown for "old"]
(=square) "alien" = not native
shown as "state unknown" (=round)
present status "extinct", or ephemeral up to 1950 (=slash) "present" = not known to be extinct, or ephemeral occurrences after 1950
(=no slash)
"rare" = up to c. 10 localities (=small symbol) "not rare" (=large symbol)

For example,
The following combinations occur:
 rund svart = resident, old
 grå fyrkant = resident, new, native
överstruken ofylld ring = ephemeral, no post-1950 occurrences

A questionmark is used in some doubtful cases. During review, the symbol may be used to show a need for additional information.