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We are very grateful for comments! Please read the checklist below before you write to us.

About the "public review" pages

In the right-hand menu, click a family name to see the account. If no account is presently available, you will see the contents list instead.
Distribution information is usually shown as a map (also for rare casual taxa which will not have a map in the book). Click on a map symbol to see what is behind the choice or status and frequency for that province.
The link "Survey of accounts" in shown in the menu to the right when a full volume is being reviewed; it gives you a list of all families + author, illustrator, review status etc.

If the frames don't agree with your computer you might prefer to open the links in new windows (test rightclicking a link). If that doesn't help, please get in touch.

How to give us feedback on texts, maps or illustrations:

  • Unless otherwise indicated, comments and additions should be sent to the project address. You may use e-mail or post. Addresses below on this page!
  • All comments are normally passed on to the author.
  • Deadline for answers is given on the public review page and in the mail sent to regular reviewers.

Unclear, incomplete and late answers mean much extra work for authors and editors.
Please help us by....

  • stating what taxon the comment refers to! Preferably state also the version number given at the top of the account.
  • being very specific and clear as to what part(s) of the text or map or illustration that should be changed - and how it should be changed.
  • including relevant documentation (e.g., locality data, year, refererence to literature or person) for any suggestions you make.

It may be practical to copy the text to a text document and give your comments as notes (in a file or on paper), especially if you suggest great changes.

If you want to give us feedback but the deadline is too tight, or if you have some other problem, please get in touch!

Procedures for checking of data given in Flora Nordica
E-mail:  info [at] floranordica.org
Snail mail: Flora Nordica, Department of Phanerogamic botany, Swedish Museum of Natural History, P.O. Box 50007, SE-104 05 STOCKHOLM.

To reduce the risk for junk mail (spam), e-mail addresses are shown as above. Replace [at] with @!


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