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The programme SYNTHESYS, supported by the EU and coordinated by the Natural History Museum in London, involves 19 European institutions. The aim is to stimulate research and exchange of information in natural sciences related to biodiversity or environmental problems. One of several ways is to support researchers who visit the museums to use their collections and other resources - and to stimulate museums to welcome visitors and give them good working facilities.

Several Flora Nordica collaborators have been supported, and we believe that there is still a fair chance to get support. We hope that many authors take the opportunity to apply.

Synthesys again invites applicants; next opening will probably close in October 2014.


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Stockholm and Copenhagen

Two of the participating museums are of special importance for Flora Nordica: the natural history museums of Stockholm (S) and Copenhagen (C).

Stockholm (S)
: Recommended Flora Nordica contact: Arne Anderberg or Thomas Karlsson.

Copenhagen (C)
: Recommended Flora Nordica contact: Henrik Ærenlund Pedersen.
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