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All Flora Nordica accounts are reviewed in several steps; almost all the work is now done over the internet.

First, there is an editorial review, where national reviewers and sometimes also taxonomic specialists participate.

Then, the preliminary accounts are made publicly available on the web during a period; all comments, additions and corrections which may improve the final Flora are welcome.
A number of people whose expertise we need (e.g., people responsible for province flora projects) get a message each time an account is made public. If you want us to add your name on the mailing list : send us your name and e-mail address; we would also like to know to where you live, and your special botanical interests if any (plant groups, geographical areas).

Final accounts for later volumes may be formally published on the web, if the author does not prefer to wait for the publication of the book.

Review pages:

Public review (review pages for Vol. 6 not removed)
Vol. 12

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