Language & term use in Flora Nordica

Flora Nordica General Volume (2004) contains a term list with mainly morphology and habitat terms, defined and partly illustrated in accordance with the usage in Flora Nordica. The general rule is that terms not found in an ordinary English dictionary, and common words where Flora Nordica usage deviates, are included in the GV list. However, several terms have been omitted by mistake, or because they are relevant only for certain families; they should be defined in text.

For lack of resources, our online review versions of the morphological term list have not been updated to the standard of the printed version. You are welcome to use them, but be aware that they are review versions and not even 95% reliable. - Where precise term use is a must, always check definitions in more than one glossary: many terms are used in different ways in different works, and mistakes and misleading explanations do occur, at least in our glossary!

Flora Nordica attempts to use British English. General English words can be checked in Cambridge Dictionaries Online:

The American Merriam-Webster's dictionary online is not quite the thing for British English, but contains much more of technical and scientific words. Well worth trying. If you like it, you can download lookup-buttons for your web viewer from their web site.

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