Provisional maps for Flora Nordica 12!

Sagittaria, Potamogeton and several other genera of water plants are written for Flora Nordica (volume 12) by the British water plant specialist Christopher D. Preston.
He would very much appreciate help from Nordic botanists to improve the knowledge of their distribution in Norden.
We now publish provisional maps and distribution data for some of Preston's taxa, starting with Sagittaria.
Even more provisional maps for Groenlandia and Potamogeton in Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Sweden and Finland are also made accessible, and draft texts on habitat. The maps do not cover Norway or Iceland; the distribution texts are in no way complete even for the countries mapped; several taxa are still missing.
If you have localities or specimens from "new" provinces or from provinces with doubtful occurrence, please let us know! 
Give feedback by writing to Chris Preston (address see the link above) or .
To see a map: click on the name of the taxon.
The map is based on preliminary distribution data. Data from one or more herbaria is missing for some taxa. The maps must therefore not be taken as true distribution maps, but as working tools to facilitate communication and improvement of data!
To see the name of a province: hover (let the cursor stay over it for a moment).
To see background data/documentation: click on a symbol on the map.
(Some provinces without a symbol are also "clickable", because information about redeterminations, areas not yet covered etc is given.)
A triangle (red or black) calls for attention - more data is needed - check the documentation.
To see a draft version of the distribution text: click "Distribution & habitat" (under the map).

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